bridge readers


Bridge Readers are proper stories for weaker and reluctant readers that help ‘bridge the gap between learning to read and reading to learn’.

Technically suitable for a reading age of 8 years, ideal for weaker or improving readers. Suitable for children (8-15) with language and communication problems (SLCN & dyslexia).

Also ideal for children just moving into longer story books.

Moon Chase: ‘A story burning to be told. Suitable for teen weaker or reluctant readers.’

Teach Secondary 

‘The students have a range of SEND and yet they all engaged wholeheartedly with Moon Chase and the teacher’s workbook, helped staff to consolidate their reading. One of our most reluctant readers was read more, more frequently and for longer, which helped improve his fluency and his comprehension.’

Special Children featured review by St Crispin’s School, Wokingham.

 “Moon Chase was a godsend!’

Liz Howells, Speech & Language teacher.

‘Wonderful for engaging the less confident reader, or those moving towards Young Adult and Adult fiction. This makes it an ideal tool in the classroom to help weaker and improving readers’

Laura Davies, Fair Foundations (The English Society)